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Why I created Changing Woman Mandala.

The Changing Woman Moontime Mandala has come from the journey i have taken to be part of the solution to the problems caused by the separation of humanity from Mother Earth and Our Global Ecosytem. Coupled with this is that i have two daughters and two nieces aswell as other girls i work with and i wanted to show them the amazing fact that we as women can connect deeply with mother earth.Through learning that our monthly journey through our fertility and menstruation cycle is not random, that it is sacred and the same as natures cycles. That there is no seperation, that this is sacred and so important to their inner emotional health aswell as the health of the Planet. Women are so important as we are the life givers just like Mother Earth.

I work a lot with youth and wanted to create this re learning of the menstrual cycle in a visual and imaginative way through stories and pictures. It has no become teaching resources and bundles.

Our landscape around us reflects back to us the deepest part of us. What is happening on the outer is also happening on the inner, the disappearance of the wild also reflects the disappearance of our wild souls, our wild natures. I believe that to reconnect our wombs/inner world with nature will bring us back into right relationship with all that is, it will remind us of our freedom and truth, the deep truth of our indigenous hearts and souls.

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